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Org Charts for Sales

Visualize business contacts

Document organizational structure

Understand the circles of influence

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Working with large companies could be daunting

So many people to talk to, friends, foes, coaches, champions, blockers, oh my!

Steven appreciates a good Bordeaux but Nancy is allergic to red wine. Andrew roots for Red Sox but boy you'll get slapped if you mention 'em to Heather.

Maria is an amazing assistant, don't forget to send her flowers (she loves tulips) on the Administrative Professional Day.

Susan is from a different department but if she doesn't like our product, nothing will move.

Roberto prefers texting, Amanda responds best to email but only before 8AM.

Time to upgrade your Rolodex

Company Hierarchy

Organize all your business contacts on a chart. Track the reporting structure to easily understand who's who.


Invite your peers to work on the same orgchart together. Share with your boss. See your own company org structure.

Friends and Foes

Do you have a champion? What about adversaries? Map out your power circles!

Executive Assistants

The most powerful people in any company. Make sure you're in good books with them by remembering details that matter.

Interests and Hobbies

Never forget the favorite sport team of your business contact, or a handicap of someone who likes golf.

Birthdays and Events`

Remember the important dates for your contacts, their family, and even pets!